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Meizu Pro 7 New Renders Leaks With Dual Curved Screen and Dual camera

Some new renders of an upcoming phone have leaked online and people say they’re from the future Meizu Pro 7. The images that circulated the web depict the phone both from the front and from the back and show a dual curved screen and a dual camera on the back.

Meizu Pro 7 gsmarena_002

This new information quickly follows others that were revealed on AnTuTu about another flagship developed by Meizu, one that runs on the Exynos 8890. However, people  believe the team is developing two different phones. The new renders for the Pro 7 confirm another image that leaked back in May this year, so it’s confirming the previous rumors. Then it was announced that the phone will be hitting the markets towards the end of this year.

There is also another teaser that has leaked according to which the Chinese company will be releasing a new device on the 3rd of September. The image also includes tags such as “Pro than Pro” or “true flagship fingertips”, which makes many people think it’s not that impossible for the next phone to the Pro 7.

For now, it seems that Meizu is focusing more on a getting a total compatibility with Netcom. That means they will be able to provide support for all main three carriers in China. It has been noticed that they are closely following into Samsung’s footsteps in what concerns the hardware used for the phones. For the Meizu Pro 5, for example, they used an Exynos 7420 Octa processor, even though the Pro 6 used a Mediatek Helio X25. It seems that they will not continue to imitate Samsung, since the latest processor made by them, the Exynos 8890, does not support Netcom entirely. There is still the possibility of them switching to another Samsung chipset if one with full Netcom support becomes available by the time of the release.

Stay tuned for more leaks about Meizu Pro 7, we will update this article and link together with new ones.

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