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Meizu Pro 7 new live images spotted online!

There’s no doubt that Xiaomi managed to impress everybody with the Mi Mix, so it was just a matter of time until its competitors would start releasing similar handsets. Surprisingly, the first potential rival will be the Meizu Pro 7, which was recently spotted in the wild!

Like expected, the Chinese manufacturer’s handset will feature a similar design, making those bezels almost forgotten. If the leaked live images are taken for granted, that is. Also, we don’t have any confirmation that this device will actually be called Meizu Pro 7, but for the moment, this is pretty much we have about it.

Meizu Pro 7

Spec-wise, we’re looking forward to a configuration similar to the upcoming M5 Note’s, with a full HD display, 3 Gb of RAM and Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box. Rumours are also pointing to a 12 MP camera on the back, teaming with an 8 MP selfie unit, 3.5 mm jack (because this is becoming a ‘wow’ feature, apparently. Thanks, Apple!) and USB Type-C connectivity.

Meizu Pro 7

The leaked images don’t show a fingerprint scanner, but the Meizu Pro 7 might as well have one embedded beneath the display.

As mentioned above, the amount of information about this smartphone is very low right now, but a couple of new details should make the rounds online in the near future.

Meizu Pro 7


According to the company’s officials, this presumed Pro 7 handset won’t be introduced until next year, so there’s enough time for us to find something new about it. Therefore, keep an eye on our blog, as we will definitely be back with more details!

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