Meizu E2 New Image Reveled Specs and Price details with Single Camera Setup
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Meizu E2 New Image Reveled Specs and Price details with Single Camera Setup

Meizu has set their schedule to unveil its new smartphone on 26th of this month. The new device is named as the Meizu E2, which holds an outlook that is totally a different one, when compared to the regular design format of the Meizu. Here, the biggest change seems to be in the rear camera design. It just looks like a dual camera system, on the first glance. But in reality, it is actually a single camera setup.

Yesterday, a new image has been leaked, revealing a few specs, and price of this upcoming device. From the image, we could infer that the phone will be equipped with a 5.5-inch display, along with a 2.5D glass. Further, the E2 will be powered by a 64-bit processor, however there is no information about the processor, beyond that, while the rumors claims that it will be featured with the Helio P10 processor.

In the meanwhile, it is important to make a note that Li Nan, the Vice president of the Meizu, have already said that this new comer would be released with a new chipset that haven’t been in the company’s devices ever. Hence, let’s not be much deceived about the Helio thing.

Apart from these, it is also said that the device will come with a mCharge fast charging support and mTouch fingerprint scanner. Yet, the biggest reveal is the price, which is ¥1699 ($247 approx). Other specs such as the RAM, ROM, Battery capacity, and camera features are still unknown.

There are only five more days to go, for the launch of this smartphone and obviously, the specs will be precisely known, only after the release. So, let’s just sit back and wait, until the phone is officially released.


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