Meizu Announces Super mCharge Technology At MWC 2017

Chinese manufacturer Meizu announced its new Super mCharge technology today, during an event hosted at the MWC, claiming that it’s able to fully charge a smartphone in 20 minutes. Basically, it should be faster than VOOC or Qualcomm’s Quick Charge, so it’s definitely worth our attention!

According to the manufacturer, the Super mCharge technology can charge a phone by up to 30 percent in just five minutes, being 11 times faster than the iPhone 7 Plus charging, as well as 3.6 times faster than the same feature used by the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


Super mCharge

During their MWC 2017 demo, Meizu showcased the technology on a phone with a 3000mAh power pack and indeed, the battery went up to 30 percent in five minutes, then to 60 percent in ten minutes. Continuing, it reached 85 percent in fifteen minutes and needed less than 5 more minutes to be fully charged.

There’s no doubt that this is an important milestone for Meizu and we should expect their future handset to rely on it. On the other side, let’s not forget that phones with bigger batteries will, most likely, require some extra time to reach 100%.

Super mCharge technology

Meizu declared that the new Super mCharge technology is safer, more secure and, most important, more energy efficient, compared to their previous mCharge, keeping the phone cool while charging, reaching a maximum of 39 degrees. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your phone heating up, due to the fast charging it’s going through.

As a side note, Oppo’s VOOC fast charging technology, introduced during last year’s MWC, is able to charge a phone with a 2500mAh battery to 100% perfect in just 15 minutes. It’s not far from what Meizu’s charging tech can do. However, Super mCharge uses lower current, so it’s extending the life of internal components, not to mention that it also prevents heating!

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