Luke Roberts Smart Lamp is Smart Enough to Emit Lights in All Direction At Once

Luke Roberts Smart Lamp is Smart Enough to Emit Lights in All Direction At Once

In 2017, we have seen several companies, be it Phillips, Syska or Samsung, coming up with color-changing smart lights but what we get to see from a Vienna-based startup “Luke Roberts” is something we can say out of the box. Well, the specialty of this device is, it can throw lights in all the direction at once, so either you can set its focus towards a particular direction or let it throw light in all the directions.

Another brilliant feature of this smart light is, it allows you to paint different shades of color for the different directions. So, if you want your right side of the wall to glow reddish and left side to whitish, you can easily do using this smart light. Coming to the specification part, this device has more than 300 light-emitting diodes, which is way more in the count if compared with some rival smart lights.

Earlier, the device was called “Fluxo” but sadly it went through some “trademark issue” and hence the company changed its name to “Luke Roberts Smart Lamp”. Like any other color-changing smart lamp, you can operate this device using a mobile device through its companion app. You just need to install the app, connect it to the “Smart Device” and set color according to your mood.

As far as pricing is concerned, this amazing “Luke Roberts Smart Lamp”  comes with a price tag of $700, which is obviously not the affordable one but seeing its specification, it’s worth giving a try. Now, one good thing here is, until March, this device is available for pre-order at a discounted price of $500.

Source : cnet

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