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LG’s ‘Watch Sport’ Smartwatch Available At Price $349

Almost everyone out there in this tech-driven world, are fond of welcoming new kinds of device every day. It signifies that we are moving into a new world, which draws us to the next-gen. In that note, LG has reportedly partnered with Google to introduce their oncoming inventions including LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style. And we are quite eager to see, whether it will make a flagship or not.

LG is now ready to launch their new range of smartwatches. According to various speculations, it is revealed that the starting price of the LG Watch Sport will be $349, on their launch. These smartwatches will run on the Android Wear 2.0 out of the box and is expected to launch it by this February 9th. As the rumor claims, the LG Watch Sport will be a $100 higher than the LG Watch Style. Some gossips has brought-out their texture, which is made up of different color variants such as Titanium and Dark Blue, while the Style might feature three different colors, which includes Silver, Rose Gold and Titanium with switchable straps. On other side of the fence, there are many chances to have lot of varieties and band options too, which will make it more expensive. They will have an impressive design, which suits more mobile adventures.

The Watch Sport is believed to arrive with an independent LTE network connectivity, a heart rate monitor, GPS and NFC, which is composed of highest grade display as that of LG watch.

This watch associates to boost the device with the Android Wear 2.0 platform, whereas it is also compatible with iOS devices. The new wearable OS comes with enormous and exciting features, which includes standard apps, with enhancing characteristics. Apart from the buzz, these smartwatches are well-prepared for their public presence in the first part of this year. As of now, we hear too many whispers that provides us with the specs and themes of these gadgets. However, we will have to wait for a few more days to see, how this time keeping device, actually is.

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