LG V30 Leaked Details Hints a Curved Flexible OLED Display Panel
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LG V30 Leaked Details Hints a Curved Flexible OLED Display Panel

A new image, which is apparently showing the curved display of the upcoming LG V30 have been leaked today. With the grand success of the LG V20 in mind, we could easily discern that LG will seriously endeavour to continue the success with the new LG V30, which is expected to be launched in this year.

The LG could proudly say that, the LG V20 was the first smartphone that came with the Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. It is also certainly fair to say, the LG V20 is doing great with the high lined specs. It is featured with a dual camera setup at the back and is also powered by a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad chipset, which reduces 50% of the ambient noise level, resulting in better sound quality.

The previous rumors said, LG supplied the curved OLED display for the Xiaomi’s Mi Note 2, in which the display was not curved but was also flexible. Unfortunately, the availability of the Mi Note 2, fell in jeopardy due to difficulties in the mass production of the flexible OLED display panel.

But now, it seems that the difficulties in producing the display in high numbers, has been tackled, according to the reports from South Korea. Hence, it is pretty much confirmed that the LG V30, is definitely coming soon, with even more enhanced flexible OLED display. Besides, it is also said that LG will supply the new age flexible OLED, even to the Xiaomi’s oncoming handset, which might be the Xiaomi Note 3, in future.

The potential specs of LG V30 includes, Snapdragon 835 flagship chip; 4 GB or 6 GB of RAM; QUAD DAC audio decoder chip; a dual rear camera; and it seems that it will be adorned with dual camera setup, up front too.

Other than this, its battery capacity, availability and the price details aren’t disclosed yet. Anyway, now it is evident that the new LG V30 will soon see the light of the day. We will keep you posted regarding the latest news and rumors of this handset, stay tuned.


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