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LG V20 Release Date Confirmed September 6,San Francisco

The LG G5 is a really amazing phone, packing an impressive spec sheet and being one of the first device on the market to take advantage of modular design. However, the South Korean manufacturer is not done with releasing top notch smartphones this year, as the LG V20 is also expected to make its debut soon!

Previously, a lot of rumors were pointing to a September release, but there weren’t any details about an official launch date or location. However, LG made things clear: September 6, San Francisco.

The location might be a bit unusual for LG, who used us with launching major handsets in New York, but the location doesn’t care that much. We want to see the LG V20!

Currently, we don’t know that much about the upcoming smartphone, as the taglines of the event – “Play more” and “The second story begins, LG V20” – aren’t that revealing. On the other side, we do have a few ideas about what to expect, after LG confirmed that the handset will feature two ‘signature’ elements of the previous model, the V10.

To be more specific, we’re talking about the dual screen and the dual front-facing camera. Also, the LG V20 is expected to be the first smartphone to run Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, ahead of the upcoming HTC-made Nexus phones. Also, we are very curious what made Google give LG the chance to be the first manufacturer to showcase the new Android on a smartphone…

The LG V20 launch event will also coincide with the last days of IFA 2016, so it’s very curious to find out why the manufacturer opted for a standalone event instead of launching the smartphone during the show. After all, they would have gotten way more media coverage in Berlin. Still, LG is not the first company doing this, as Motorola opted for a similar solution back in 2014, when the new Moto X was introduced.

What do you expect from the LG V20? Any specific features? Let us know, using the comments section below!

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