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LG V20 Pre-orders Start in the US On 17th October

There’s no doubt that the LG V20 is one of the most interesting handsets released this year and the fact that a lot of people want to get their hands on it doesn’t come as a surprise. However, the South Korean manufacturer is apparently a bit slow when it comes to making it available in key markets.

This week, it will finally become available in South Korea, while details about its availability in other regions were initially very vague. LG claimed that the V20 will start rolling out in North America, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East “over the course of the next several weeks”.

This came as a big disappointment for anybody in the United States who was planning to get an LG V20, especially after some rumours claimed that the exact date was October 21. Still, in the meantime, things have changed a bit.

According to GSM Arena, B&H, a well known online retailer, revealed that they will start taking pre-orders for the phablet sooner than expected. To be more, specific, we’re talking about October 17, which is just three days away.

No other details, like an exact price were given, but they should be revealed this weekend as well. Oh, and don’t expect this handset to be cheap! Previous reports were pointing to something around $800, which is far from being cheap, but not surprising, considering this phone’s specs. The question is that it can be considered a serious alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with this price tag…

As for the carriers, they will most likely have a different pre-order schedule for the LG V20, but we expect to see it in their offers in about one month, available with a two-year contract and a way better price, or SIM-free.

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