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LG V20 Available For Pre-orders Starting 14th September.

Recently, a person who works for T-Mobile posted on Reddit some new and inside information about the LG V20 and other details such as the release date, pre-orders, promotions and so on. The same user says that he was the one behind other leaks, such as the one about the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to T-Mobile. Now he is announcing that the upcoming phone brings some new features: extra battery and a better hand grip. This might mean that the phone might come together with a grippy phone case or a special texture on the back.

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There is one detail mentioned that has raised lots of questions: the post says something about a “Memory Module Attachment”, which leaves room for more speculations regarding the possibility that the V20 could go through a modular expansion.

According to the information, the LG V20 will become available for pre-orders starting the 14th of September. The full release is going to take place on the 23rd of September and it is rumored that it will cost $650. It seems that it will be Jump on Demand eligible and it will come together with one year of free video streaming through Hulu, plus you can rent 3 Vudu movies for free.

However, all this information has received no official confirmation, so all of it might turn out to be fake. However, the details seem to be very plausible if you think about the previous models. Moreover, LG declared that on the 5th of September they will officially announce the LG V20, so we still have to wait some time.

Rumor has it that the phone will bring quad DACs, which is a great feature and LG will be the first company that would use it. Also, it is supposed to come with the latest OS pre-installed, which is the Android 7.0 Nougat. No wonder fans are really curious to find out the full specs of the upcoming phone.

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