LG Q6 First Promo Teaser Video Officially Released
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LG Q6 First Promo Teaser Video Officially Released

As we have already discussed that LG is planning a mid-range device, which can also be called as the mini version of flagship G6. And now, the company has released an official teaser video, showing some key features of the Q series phones. Seeing the teaser, we can say that the company is working very hard to come up with something really stunning.

Now, the teaser starts with showing the full vision display, which is similar to the infinity display of Samsung, and then talks about the key features of Q series phones, which includes a great display, amazing camera and powerful processor. The video also suggests that the phone would be shatter proof, as it falls on the floor and the user picks up and starts enjoying without any worry.

Talking about another most important feature, fingerprint scanner. It seems that the company is either planning to omit the fingerprint scanner from the phone or planning to change its place, as there were no front-mounted or back-mounted fingerprint scanner seen in the video. Additionally, teaser concentrates on face recognition technology.

Now, the camera is another best thing (as shown in the video) in this Q series as LG is providing few built in features such as wide selfie capability, GIF maker, food mode, square camera snapshot capability with many more additional features. LG has also claimed that the phone is best for those who like to operate using only one hand.

Talking about the specifications, the LG  Q6 is expected to get Snapdragon 435 chipset coupled with 2/3/4GB of RAM and 16/32/64GB of internal storage. As far as display is concerned, the Q6 is expected to get a 5.5 inch of full HD display. For powering up, there would be 3,000mAh battery with fast charging option.


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