LG G6’s New video shows exclusive UX 6.0 features
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LG G6’s New video shows exclusive UX 6.0 features

With just a few hours left until Samsung Galaxy S8 makes its long-awaited debut, LG released a new promo video, showcasing the feature on their UX 6.0 custom interface, used by the manufacturer’s latest flagship, the LG G6.

The video presents the new 18:9 aspect ration, given by the QHD+ resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels, which offers multi window support, so you can use two side by side apps, in perfect squared. LG claims that using apps like this equals a wider and broader screen, filling the entire display. The also like to call this “Full-vision.”

Moving on, the promo also talks about the Grid Shot feature of the camera, able to combine four pictures or videos into a really nice collage, as well as Match Shot, doing the same thing, but with two pictures or video.

Of course, other features of the G6, like the 360 Panorama or Food Mode are also presented, the latter being great for those who like to take photos of their meals, “popping with vibrant colors.” But seriously, don’t overshare them!

LG Mobile Switch is also presented, allowing you to send and receive data from another phone, without any wires, while Smart Doctor is great for self examining the hardware, in order to make sure that everything works just fine.

The LG G6 isn’t supposed to be available until April 7, for some of the major U.S. carriers – T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T or U.S. Cellular – but some T-Mobile customers are already receiving their pre-ordered units. As for Verizon, the G6 will hit their offer tomorrow!


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