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LG G6’s New Android UI Teaser Video Leaks

LG’s latest flagship ‘LG G6’ is expected to definitely raise a new norm for smartphone industry. Although there are a bunch of flagships held-up for the MWC 2017, G6 grabs more attention, as it is supposed to be a reboot of the LG series. The features, size, specs and characteristics of the G6 were already leaked online.

Today, LG has officially released a teaser that specifies some of the authentic specifications of the G6, which subsequently paved way for various ponders.

In the leaked reports, it was revealed that the phone will come with a wide display panel of 5.7 inches with a 2880X1440px resolution, and a pixel density of 564ppi; and a new Quad DAC that stands for converting the digital data to analog waveform. All these features were formally confirmed by LG yesterday, through the teaser.


The video was all about the UI of LG G6. According to it, the G6 is expected to arrive with a new user interface with a few iterations in the LG UX. We all know that, the previous series of LG’s G5 had a complete revamp with their UX interface and it was introduced to the market with the code name ‘LG UX 5.0’. It had many new features out of the box with a remarkable material design. Hence for G6, LG haven’t revealed more details regarding their new UX but as usual innumerable rumors have been raised already, saying that it would be named as ‘LG UX 6.0’, because the LG V20 (latest version) runs on its UX 5.5 version. Besides, it is also revealed that the new handset comes with the latest version of Android Nougat.

However, in this teaser video that lasts for 12 seconds, they haven’t revealed much about the upcoming UX version. All we can expect is there will be something a little more with their previous version of LG UX 5.0. Anyway the device will be officially displayed at the event MWC 2017 and the awaited occasion is pretty much nearer, where everything will be made clear. Moreover, it is also expected that even after the official announcement of the LG G6, it will take more time in further to go on sale.

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