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LG G6’s Two New Short Teaser Video Leaked, Featured Water and Dust Resistance

There are just four days left until the LG G6 will finally make its debut, at the MWC in Barcelona, and the South Korean manufacturer keeps releasing teaser after teaser, in order to help us make a better idea about what we can expect from it!

Today, two new videos were released, focusing on two of the handset’s features: water and dust resistance.

First of all, we have a pool, on which the LG G6‘s outline is placed, hinting to the IP certification. Basically, it’s just a short clip showing a girl swimming across a pool, as well as a short copy: “Taking a day of at the pool? Just relax and enjoy LG G6”. It’s not that hard to guess that the smartphone will be water resistant, allowing you to use it in…wet environments without any worries.

Next, we have another short video called “Flour”, which doesn’t show pretty much, except some flour poured on a board, while the G6’s outline and name aren’t missing. Apparently, it will also be dust proof, so you don’t need to worry if you somehow manage to drop it in dust or any other sticky foods. After all, you can simply wash it and it’s as good as new!

And this is basically it, two short teasers, released in order to build some extra hype around the phone. We’re looking forward to seeing even more ads like these throughout the next days, until the official release.

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