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LG G6 To Be Unveiled On February 26, in Barcelona MWC 2017

Even though it was no longer a secret that LG is planning to unveil the G6 on February 26, in Barcelona, the South Korean manufacturer sent the official invites for their event, revealing a couple of new and interesting details!

Besides showing the same home screen we saw in the previous save-the-date flyer, the invite reads “Big Screen” and “That Fits.” and shows a sketch which reveals where the LG G6‘s screen is supposed to fit.

However, the most interesting aspects are the tiny circles in the corners. We’re not sure at all about their meaning, but we guess they represent the radius of the display’s curved corners. As reported previously, the LG G6‘s display will have rounded corners, a first for any smartphone manufacturer.

Otherwise, the invite confirms that LG’s flagship will be presented on February 26, at 12:00 PM, at the Sant Jordi Club, in Barcelona.

As for the actual date when it will start hitting the market, the LG G6 will be available in its home country, South Korea, starting with March 9, giving the manufacturer a significant advantage over the Samsung Galaxy S8, which will be presented on March 29. Remember, just presented!

Of course, we’re all interested about the launch in the USA! According to some sources, the G6 will arrive there on April 7, with two weeks before the Galaxy S8, so LG should have an excellent marketing strategy ready, if they want to exploit this advantage to the max.

On the other side, we still have our doubts about the LG G6 being able to outsell the Galaxy S8, due to one main aspect: Samsung bought pretty much all the Snapdragon 835 chips, leaving LG with no other option than to use the Qualcomm’s previous high end chip for its flagship, the Snapdragon 821.

Spec junkies will definitely opt for a Samsung, in this case, but the G6 will reportedly be cheaper! Price is very important aspect when deciding upon a new smartphone, but will it be enough for LG? Right now, it’s pretty hard to tell, so let’s just play the waiting game…

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