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Latest LG G6 teaser reveals new camera UI and square image capture mode

Another day, another teaser! We’re just three days away from the launch of the LG G6 and the South Korean manufacturer just released another short video, helping us make an idea about some of the features of the camera setup!

LG revealed that the handset will feature a completely new camera UI, as well as a unique square capture mode, which will take full advantage of the 18:9 aspect ratio of the display, showing two square images or videos, side by side.

Basically, this will be excellent for taking the perfect Instagram picture, at the best resolution! Of course, we shouldn’t forget that the social network now supports other formats as well, but hey, square is definitely the most popular format!

You can check out the teaser video of the LG G6‘s camera interface here:

As you probably know, the LG G6 will feature a dual camera setup on the back, similar to the one seen on the G5, with 24MP monochrome sensor, as well as a 12MP RGB one, expected to deliver some incredibly crispy snapshots, as well as high quality videos.

Apparently, LG’s strategy consists in providing some competition to the several leaks about the G6 which were revealed this week, including press renders of the handset, showing the consumer variant in black.

The flagship is expected to make its debut this Sunday, at the MWC, in Barcelona, and start hitting the shelves somewhere in March, way ahead of the Galaxy S8 launch.


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