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LG G6 New Teaser Video Confirms Few Features!

Unlike other manufacturers, LG is trying to keep the launch date of their upcoming G6 flagship a secret, but all the rumors are pointing to a MWC 2017 release. But until then, the South Korean manufacturer just released a teaser video, revealing a couple of features we should expect from their handset!

“What’s on your wish list for the ideal smartphone?” LG asked several people, who mentioned a bigger screen, a compact body, waterproofing or a high-end camera. Finally, by the end of the video, LG hints that everything people asked for will be arriving on their smartphone, also mentioning that it will be unveiled in February 2017. Ok, so MWC 2017 it is!

This week, LG announced a completely new display, with a QHD+ resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 9:18, which will most likely equip the LG G6, so we have all the reasons to be very curious about this smartphone! Even more, the density will be 564 ppi, resulting incredibly sharp images, and it’s also rumored to be taller and slimmer. As for the size: a whooping 5.7″, meaning that the G6 is going into phablet territory.

Other features of the flagship are still a mystery, but, according to the video, it will be water resistant, a smaller body, which automatically means slimmer bezels, considering the size of the display, and, probably, a top-notch camera setup.

Also, since the G5’s modular design failed to impress, the manufacturer will probably forget about this idea and focus on other features.

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