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LG G6 new set of images appears online

Just yesterday, a live image with the upcoming LG G6 made the rounds online, showing the phone’s back, with the dual camera setup and the fingerprint scanner. However, for those of you who felt like it wasn’t enough, we have a new set of images with the handset, showing it from pretty much all important angles!

This is somehow expected, as the launch event, scheduled for February 26, is getting closer. Also, we won’t be surprised if a few more details about the specs and special features will be revealed throughout the next days.

Back to the leaked images, they’re showing an LG G6 with a metallic frame and a brushed metal design on the back, resulting in an interesting bluish-grey finish.

[huge_it_gallery id=”127″]

Of course, we can once again see the dual camera setup, as well as the fingerprint sensor, the latter doubling as a power button. On the bottom there’s a USB Type-C port, with a single speaker to the right, while on the right side of the phone we can see the volume buttons and the SIM and microSD card tray.

Finally, to our relief, the 3.5mm headphone jack wasn’t ditched, as it’s present on the upper side of the phone.

The LG G6 will follow the current trend, rocking minimal screen bezels, but it will also innovate, featuring rounded corners, something most phones don’t have nowadays.

In terms of specs, we’re looking forward to seeing a QHD+ display, with a resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels, measuring 5.7 inches, while under the hood, the handset should sport a Snapdragon 821 chip. The battery will be non-removable and those who like to use the phone during a shower have all the reasons to be happy, since it’s also IP68 certified.

We will be back on this topic as soon as anything new comes up!

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