LG G6 Mini New Pictures Leaked With 5.4-inch Display, Could be launch Soon
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LG G6 Mini New Pictures Leaked With 5.4-inch Display, Could be launch Soon

Recently, LG introduced its latest flagship, the G6 in the US. The smartphone intrigued the crowd with a great screen-to-body ratio and spectacular set of specs. Now, the hottest buzz comes from a report emerged at the TechnoBuffalo, saying that the company will hold a mini version of the device, to be launched soon.

LG G6 Mini

The tiny thing is dubbed, the LG G6 Mini at present, and even the pictures of it have been leaked now. LG is known for putting up mini versions for its flagships, as we have seen the cases of G4 and G5 as well. But, there are no official words about the G6 Mini, until the moment. However, taking the company’s previous endeavors in mind, we could probably believe it to happen.

The G6 sports a 5.7” display, and the Mini of it would equip a smaller 5.4-inch screen, but the screen-to-body ratio may go down below 80% though. However it is said to retain the 18:9 aspect ratio, which was highly appreciated in the last flagship.

Sadly, other than the display size and the aspect ratio, nothing have been revealed in the report, regarding the other specs of the mini device.

We could barely make a wild guess that the specs sheet of the G6 Mini, will be considerably an inferior one, in comparison with its bigger partner, to make it a cost-effective phone. Yet, we could also can’t deny the fact that the company can decide to hold on to all the high-end specs of the G6, with its mini. In that case, the mini version would also carry the same range of price.

Provided that the name, LG G6 Mini is not a final one, we could expect a furthermore different one, like it was G4c for the LG G4. Moreover, it is expected to be launched only in selected markets and the US wouldn’t probably be one of it though. On the whole, it is just a tiny leak for the mini device. But we consider it to be just an appetizer, and so we expect more leaks to be coming out soon, about it.


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