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LG G6 could be launch on March 10, ahead of galaxy s8

After CES 2017 ended, everybody is looking forward to the Mobile World Congress, starting in Barcelona, at the end of the month, since most important smartphone manufacturers are expected to unveil their flagships, LG being one of them.

Unlike previous years, it seems that the South Korean manufacturer won’t have to ‘duel’ with Samsung anymore, since the Galaxy S8 is rumored to make its debut a bit later, in April. Therefore, it’s LG G6’s chance to steal the show!

According to the latest rumors, the flagship will be unveiled the Sunday before the beginning of MWC and, starting with March 10, it will start hitting the shelves. As for Samsung, their Galaxy S8 could have a delayed release date, as mentioned above, unlike last year, when the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were presented on March 11.

So yeah, this delay will give the LG G6 a head start, but is their new top notch model worth buying? Well, right now, it’s too early to tell, since they managed to keep the design of the smartphone and most of the specs a mystery.

On the other side, LG Display just announced that the G6 could be the first smartphone to rock a 5.7″ QHD+ panel, with a resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels and a density of 564 pixels per inch. The handset could also be thinner, with reduced bezels, as well as improved outdoor visibility. And finally, despite the increased number of pixels, the power consumption will be decreased by 30%. LG, you have our attention, so don’t disappoint us!

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