LG G5 review

LG has introduced their new flagship that is really caching the eye these days. The new flagship G5 has a very unique design. Many people are confused about its design material that weather it is plastic or metal? But it really is metal which is made through DYICASTING using a unique process called microdiacing which gives this phone the unique layer on the body. But the side effect of this new design technology is that the phone doesn’t gives you the traditional metal feel. So people might not be comfortable in adopting this feel change.

The power button is placed on the back side where as the volume rockers are on left side panel. The volume buttons are a little more flushed into the body thus feels a little hard to press. The finger print scanner on the back is really impressive in terms on performance and quality. It works with one touch so you don’t need to press power button to wake up the phone. The detection is really accurate and works fine with all angles.

LG has implemented USB type C into this new flagship which really gives a good impression. The phone mic is placed on the left side of the USB port and on the other side a single speaker is given. The audio of the speaker is pretty loud and smooth   in terms of quality. Noise level is really minimized and even on full volume you do not feel any distortion or any degradation in sound quality.

This phone features a new kind of identity with its look. The expandable memory tray gives a premium feel. The bottom chin of the device comes out with a press of a key press which introduces the user to battery panel in case of removing or replacing the battery.

LG has introduced a new concept with this device called ‘Friends’. Friends are simply externally connected hardware modules to enhance the functionality and capability of the device. For now there are only few modules available but we can say that LG is looking forward to launch another modules.

  • One Friends module is a camera tray which gives physical control over the camera controls like launching the camera, clicking pictures and zooming in and out. This module gives the G5 another 1200mAh of power on the top of the phone battery. Users might feel a little bulk while using this module and it might feel uncomfortable to use as phone.
  • Another is a hi-fi audio deck which gives a quality boos to headphone sound. The phone might feel a bit tall while connected with this module but the performance is pleasant.
  • Another is a VR Handset which features 360 degree camera of 16MP. This is capable of video recording in 360 degree with 2K quality.

The display on this phone is quite regular with 5.3 inches IPS LCD and with the resolution of 2516×1440 pixels. The display has nice bright feel with nice viewing angles.

The device is powered with Dual-core 2.15GHz kryo and 1.6GHz kroyo processor on the top of snapdragon 820 chipset. GPU of the phone is adrino 530 which gives nice crispy graphics on this flagship device. The phone has 4GB integration of RAM which makes multitasking snappy and fast. Performance of G5 is impressive. Multitasking is smooth, playing heavy games like assassins creed on the phone doesn’t even gives a glitch. It does gets a little bit warm after heavy gaming but it’s nothing that is not normal. You can still use the phone comfortably.

Looking at the back side of the phone you will find beautiful looking two cameras. The main lens is of 16MP sensor with optical image stabilization and with the aperture of F 1.8


The second camera is a wide angle camera with 8MP and the aperture of F 2.4. This wide angle camera has quite an amazing performance which we can really expect from the brand like LG. Image quality is really sharp and detailed. The color production is clear and picture feels pretty natural.

The device runs Android 6.0 marshmallow with nice user interface from LG.  LG is definitely giving a new direction to its upcoming phones with this kind of unique and superb design, build quality and explosive performance. LG has stand out of the crowd with this fine flagship product this year.

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