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Lenovo’s ZUK Edge II Special Edition Photos Leak, Dual Rear Camera And Curved Screen

Less than two months after introducing the ZUK Edge, Lenovo’s sub-brand is planning to already release a successor for the device, which is definitely a bit odd, so our recommendation is to avoid taking this as granted, since it might as well be a simple rumor!

The ZUK Edge II is apparently on its way, as it was spotted on a Chinese website, rocking a very interesting look. It seems that the handset is dedicated to Luo Tianyi, a very popular character In China, so we’re talking about a limited or special edition smartphone, with a Blue finish. Also, rumors claim that it will be available with a Black finish as well.

However, the most interesting feature of the ZUK Edge II is definitely the curved screen, if the leaked images are showcasing the real deal. Also, there seems to be a dual camera setup on the back of the phone, but once again, we’re not convinced that the handset presented in these images is accurate.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any other details about the specs, so, for the moment, we can only play the waiting game and hope that new information will be available in the near future.

At first, there’s no doubt that the ZUK Edge II would be a very interesting addition to the manufacturer’s portfolio, mostly thanks to the display and the camera setup. Actually, these two features would be enough to make anybody pick it over the first model!