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Lenovo ZUK Edge leaks in live photos, won’t have a curved display!

One of the most interesting smartphones expected to make its debut by the end of the year is the Lenovo ZUK Edge, a device that has been the subject of several rumours until now.

As you probably know, the Chinese manufacturer announced that they will officially introduce it next week. Still, this time, we managed to catch only a few glimpses of the phone and we still don’t know exactly how it will look.

Today, a couple of live photos with the ZUK Edge made the rounds online and they’re by far the clearest images with this device.

[huge_it_gallery id=”70″]

To our surprise, the phone seems to come with narrow bezels, even though everybody was expecting a curved display. After all, the handset is called “Edge”. In this case, there are two scenarios we’re considering: it will be available in two variants, one with a curved display and one with a regular one, following a trend started by Samsung, or, the device in the images could be an early prototype. We’d go for the first one.

Spec-wise, the ZUK Edge will feature a Qualcomm-made Snapdragon 821 chip-set under under the hood, with a quad-core configuration. The processor will be aided by 6 GB of RAM, while the storage capacity will count 64 or 128 GB.

Moving on, the phone is expected to come with a 13 MP camera on the back, as well as a front-facing unit, about which we don’t know very much. Finally, Lenovo’s ZUK Edge will run Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. There’s nothing about the price for the moment.

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