Lenovo Folio Bendable Concept Exhibited At Tech World 2017 Show

Lenovo Folio Bendable Concept Exhibited At Tech World 2017 Show

It’s been over a year, since the tech event Lenovo Tech World 2016 held. Back then, the company exhibited some interesting bendable prototypes, which included a smartphone that can be worn like a watch around the wrist and also a bendable tablet that could be folded like a book. Now, the latter has showed-up, named Lenovo Folio at the 2017’s event that happened earlier this week.

The Lenovo Folio concept looks ultimately innovative and fascinating, as you could see in the video below. It is capable of being folded outwards, after which it looks like a phablet, with display screens on both front and back sides. Moreover, when folded, the device’s edge, where the display bends, is capable of displaying notifications, like the 2013’s Samsung Galaxy Note Edge did.

It is presumed that the bendable tablet’s screen size would vary between a range of 5.5-inches and 7.8-inches, throwing out a resolution of 1900 x 1440 pixels. Further, the internals of the concept is also hinted. As per it, the heart of the device would be a Snapdragon 800 SoC; run on Android 7.0 Nougat OS, and would feature an e-SIM option. The other specs are still unknown.

However, there is no info about when the device would launch. But considering the fact that the device was showcased last year and again its concept has showed-up now; it’s pretty much confirmed that Lenovo is showing an extensive interest in rendering a new-age foldable affair and have also found a productive way for its mass production.

Hence, we could expect a launch by the oncoming year. We will be tracking its advancements and will let the world know if something turns up. Stay tuned with us, for the latest updates on it.


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