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LeEco Le 2s Images Surfaces: Comes With 8GB RAM and Snapdragon 821 Processor

LeEco’s Le 2 is currently on the market for just four months. You could even say that it’s still a baby in this fast-advancing technological world. However, to many people’s surprise, LeEco is already focusing on its successor. We don’t know for sure yet whether they are indeed working on the successor or if it’s just a complementary device that will work along.

LeEco Le 2s

LeEco Le 2s

A rumor starting from China is currently circulating, hinting at the fact that the company will name their future product Le 2s. There have also been some pictures leaked recently, which show what the phone is supposed to look like. It seems to have a great design based on a mix between black and white, with the speaker, the front camera and the sensor placed on the upper side on the front. It also appears to be sleek and elegant, while not being too big for being handled with one hand.

Other rumors about the LeEco Le 2s say that they are planning to go big with this upgrade, since it is expected to have 8 GB RAM. If it were to be true, this would mean that it will be the first smartphone in the world to offer so many GB for RAM. September 7 (when the competitor Apple will be releasing their new iPhone models) or September 9 seem to be the most likely dates for LeEco to make the Le 2s official.

Still, there’s not much time left until then, and phones with 6 GB RAM have only been starting to be on the rise, so it would be a great surprise if the company managed to kick it up a notch and bring phones with 8 GB RAM.

Apparently, the device will also rely on a Snapdragon 821 processor from Qualcomm, which is the best. It will also offer 64 GB internal memory, a 5.5 display paired with 2.5 D glass and just one back camera. Based on the top specs we assume by now, it is safe to believe that the resolution will be Quad HD.

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