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Israeli and Kazakh investors launches high-security smartphone for global elite

A luxury smartphone with military grade hardware, performance and security has been announced for “international elite”. This phone provides high level protection from cyber-attacks and also from physical damage.

The phone is build out of metal and titanium to provide solid damage resistance. The company behind this powerful device is Sirin Labs. For 2 years the company has been working on this project and they have raised a funding of $72 million from a security company of China named RenRen to launch this device.

This phone is an android smartphone. The phone is integrated with a 23.8MP camera. Screen of the smartphone is protected with gorilla glass with 2K resolution. Look of the phone is really good and the build quality also seem nice. The device has a premium feel with a back panel made with lather. The basic model of this phone costs around £9,500 which puts them in the price range of brands like Vertu.

Mobile thread protection is featured by the phone which handles the protocols regarding to the protection of the system against cyber-attacks. They also have developed a privacy technology that is said to be

“currently unavailable outside agency world”.

Sirin says

“The KoolSpan chip-to-chip 256-bit AES encryption system is used by the military to protect communications”.

This system can be activated by a switch on the back of the phone. This enables shielded mode for encrypting calls and messages.

One of the founder of Sirin, Mr. Cohen said:

“Cyber attacks are endemic across the globe. This trend is on the increase. Just one attack can severely harm reputations and finances.”

And also added that

“The potential market was in the tens of millions of people, given the size of global smartphone sales.”

“It’s not a bling phone. It’s a discreet phone for business people,”

he said.

“All companies have a small group of executives with highly sensitive information. Add to that hedge fund managers, traders and so on.. and also high-profile people [such as celebrities].”

As per what the company says they are also looking forward to tablets. CCS Insight analyst Mr.Ben Wood, said

“the global market for ultra-expensive smartphones was relatively small. And In a global market where 1.5bn smartphones will be sold this year there is always going to be a ‘long tail’ opportunity to sell a very exclusive device,”.

“However as Vertu has found, the allure of the iPhone continues to draw even the most affluent users limiting the market opportunity.”

He said.

Mr. Fredrik Oijer led the designing team, who is a former product director of Sony Mobile, in Tel Aviv and Sweden. Sirin says sales and marketing for the phone is going to be handled in UK.



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