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iPhone 8 rumored to have 5.8-inch OLED display with 5.15-inch main screen and virtual buttons!

The rumors about the upcoming iPhone 8 keep coming and we’re always curious to find out new things about Apple’s presumed revolutionary smartphone!

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the handset could feature a huge 5.8″ display, with 5.15 inches of usable screen, the rest being reserved for virtual buttons, similar to the ones seen on Android models.

Mr. Kuo believes that the display will eventually take the entire front panel of the iPhone 8, so we won’t see any bezels. Automatically, this means that Apple will also eliminate the physical home button and the Touch ID fingerprint scanning technology, used by the Cupertino-based manufacturer’s current models.

Despite this size, the measurements of the smartphone will be similar to the iPhone 7, meaning that it will be pretty easy to operate with just one hand.

What’s very curious, though, is the way Apple will implement other biometric technologies, considering that they might ditch Touch ID. If you ask us, iris or facial recognition could be some viable solutions. Now imagine using Apple Pay with your face or eyes…

The battery life of this OLED iPhone 8 is another thing we’re interested in, since Apple is expected to introduce a logic board designed in such way to support bigger batteries, hence providing a better battery life.

Besides this 5.8″ OLED iPhone 8, Apple will also release standard 4.7″ and 5.5″ models, with LCD displays, but when it comes to the features they might introduce, the trail is pretty cold. Sure, we all know about those rumors pointing to wireless charging and glass bodies, but it’s less likely to see them being implemented in the iPhone 7s or 7s Plus.

With such radical changes, the iPhone 8 might as well exceed the $1,000 price tag, but we’re pretty convinced that a lot of fans will buy this smartphone, in order to enjoy the “innovative user experience”.

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