iPhone 8 Real Images Leaked Online (Final Design)
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iPhone 8 Real Images Leaked Online (Final Design)

iPhone has been the most popular and successful smartphone, all around the world, for about ten years, since it was initially launched. With excellent design and innovative features, it has grabbed a phenomenal response and fan-base, over the period.

Therefore, it is needless to say that there is too much of expectations on its next iteration, the iPhone 8, which is expected to be released this year. Moreover, this year being the tenth anniversary of the phone, the anticipations have gone to a new level that the device have attracted numerous reports, leaks and rumors, in the recent times.

On that note, now we’ve got a set of images that is claiming to be the real-life photos of the iPhone 8, sourcing from BGR. Note that the disclaimer here is, they have stated that these images are just mockups, but is based on the final design of the phone, which is probably said to be a credible one.

Accordingly, the phone sports 2.5D glass, both on its front and back, with slightly curved edges. Between the glasses, a polished stainless steel body frame is placed, which is holding the volume rockers, speaker grills, and the charging port. Notably, we’ve already seen pictures of the glass panels of the upcoming phone, in the past; and the new images deliberately confirms it.

Apart from it, there have been so many other convincing leaks we have seen, like the renders sourced from Engadget. Those were said to be made out of a CAD file, of the iPhone 8’s final design; and now the BGR’s stands in line with it too.

Apart from the basic design outlook, the much discussed thing about the phone is its Touch ID sensor. It has been wildly conversed in many websites that Apple will embed the fingerprint sensor of the phone, into its display screen. Though, lately it was said that the company is facing issues in getting that done, the new alleged live images, confirms it to be true.

Yes, correspondingly in the images, we couldn’t see a physical home button. Then again, there were reports stating that the sensor might be moved to the rear. But fortunately, we couldn’t see that also be happening, in the newly posted images.

On the whole, the post from BGR is definitely a very interesting entity to get our hands on at this time, as the launch is expected to be nearing. However, we still couldn’t be so convinced, to consider it as the final one. Anyhow, we have to wait and see, until any official words are spilled regarding the upcoming iPhone 8.

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