iPhone 8 New Leaked Design Finally Confirmed By Forbes Report
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iPhone 8 New Leaked Design Finally Confirmed By Forbes Report

It’s been 10 years since the first iPhone was released. The consistent innovation in every iteration of the line, have kept up a radical success, all these years. Now, Apple is gearing up to launch the iPhone 8 that would come with a massive design revamp, accounting their 10th anniversary. Well, now the device’s CAD files are leaked, through which various things about it are revealed.

iPhone 8 Back side

Emerging from Forbes, the leak is basically a render that manifests the overall design outlook of the upcoming iPhone. As per it, the company seemingly wants their customers to experience a large iPhone, on the 10th anniversary. Yes, the device looks stylish and presumably holds a 5.8-inch bezel-less display, along with Touch ID feature (hopefully).

iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Power button size increased

Furthermore, we could also find a cutout on the top that would clinch the front facing camera, which has already been rumored to be. Hence, obviously, the Function Area will be pushed to the bottom. Considering this move to be true, it will be a deliberate change, on the way how the notifications worked so far.

iPhone 8

Moving to the heavily speculated dual camera setup, the leak renders a clear idea of how it would look. Accordingly, the sensors will be vertically arranged, instead of the horizontal fashion, which the iPhone 7 Plus feature now. This change has supposedly been made, to support the Apple’s big drive towards more effective Augmented Reality, which is evident in the iOS 11.

However, certain features that were dropped in the past, such as the USB Type-C, and headphone jack, doesn’t seem to be making a comeback. Hence, it’d again be a Lighting port for the iPhone 8. There aren’t any compelling outbreak when it comes to the battery capacity, camera specifications, pricings or the performance of the A11 chipset.


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