iPhone 8 Leaks Show Almost Bezel-less Design With 5.8 Inch OLED Display
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iPhone 8 Leaks Show Almost Bezel-less Design With 5.8 Inch OLED Display

If we believe the rumored reports, then the upcoming iPhone 8 would be the costliest iPhone ever and well, it seems that the Apple is planning to bring some major design changes on its 10th anniversary. Some major changes include (as per as rumors) an almost bezel-less 5.8 inches OLED display and display-mounted TouchID fingerprint sensor.

As per as the recent leaks, the iPhone 8 would get 4mm bezels on all sides, unlike Samsung Galaxy S8 that has a curved display with no bezels at sides. In my personal view, having little bezels at sides is good as it decreases the change of accidental damage. Seeing the leaked designs, it seems that the Apple isn’t in the mood to get back that 3.5mm jack.

Another major change in iPhone 8 could be USB Type C support, which again suggests that the company might come with fast charging support. If the company gets the fast charging support to iPhone 8 then I guess it would surely be a revolutionary change. However, few other leaks suggest that the company might launch iPhone 8 with same battery power as iPhone 7 Plus.

The recent leaks also suggest that iPhone 8 would get the touch id fingerprint sensor on the display itself but if the company fails to make it up, then most probably the touch id sensor would go to the enlarged power button at the right side. However, the majority of leaks suggest that fingerprint sensor would be display mounted.

Coming to the price, it is believed that this iPhone would be the costliest iPhone ever with the starting price of $1,100. Another interesting thing which has come out from leaks is, the entry-level iPhone 8 would get 128GB of internal storage.


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