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iPhone 7 Launching Event Rumored At September 7

We know everybody is waiting for the release of the upcoming iPhone 7 series and the latest rumor on the subject is that we will only that, see two models in this series, not three. Those three models were supposed to be the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and 7 Pro. However, it appear according to some tipsters, there will only be two models: the basic 7 and the 7 Plus.

iPhone 7 Series

A couple of recently leaked images and videos showed off these three models of iPhone (one small one and two bigger ones) and some tech bloggers even made speculations about which of the two bigger phones could be the Pro and which one could have been the Plus version. The Pro was supposed to be the one with the dual-lens camera feature. You know, for taking pro pictures.

Another very fresh rumor about the devices states that the two upcoming devices will be available for pre orders as soon as the 9th of September and that it will hit the stores on the 16th of September. However, up until now there were no rumors or speculations about launch date.

And now, according to an anonymous source on the inside, we have at least some info about it. The source claimed that the launch date for the iPhone 7 series is scheduled for the 7th of September, but he/she made no mention about the dates for the pre-orders and availability. If what the source says is true, then the launching date will be two days before the pre-order period and it checks out.

However, all of these are rumors and we can’t know for sure when the upcoming iPhone will actually be unveiled. It would be great if it would happen in September because that period is very close to the holidays and the handset might be taken into consideration as a gift for your loved ones.

As for the issue related to the launch of two models instead of three, it may turn out that the iPhone 7 series will, in fact, feature three smartphone models. And you still get to take those pro pictures.

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