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iPhone 7 Images And Features Leaked Again – What We Know So Far?

Several photos of the highly anticipated iPhone 7 have leaked online and this time they seem to be of a better quality than any of the pictures and videos that have leaked before.

The photos are very clear and they show two iPhone models. Furthermore, they seem to confirm the rumored design aspects such as the lack of an audio jack, the dual-camera features and the rearranged antenna lines.

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In two of the pictures they are placed side by side and in other pictures they are positioned on top of each other, perhaps to get a better idea of the differences in size and design between them.

Another rumor states that this is not an actual complete set of iPhones, because the upcoming iPhone 7 supposedly comes in three models: the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 Pro. However, if they are in fact a set, we’ll have to assume that they are in fact the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

There are several other pictures that show the back of the models and the Apple logo is very clear so is the fact that they are iPhones. The back of the phones also have set of three pogo pins that may refer to new features similar to those found in iPad devices and, of course, to new accessories that can probably be used on an iPad as well.

The release date for the iPhone 7 models is rumored to be sometime this September and Cupertino is expected to make an announcement anytime soon. Some tech bloggers, such as Evan Blas believe that there is a set date for the release and that is the 16th of September.

If the rumors are true then we won’t have to wait for too long until we see the devices.



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