iPhone 7 First Leaked Prototype Video?
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iPhone 7 First Leaked Prototype Video?

GeekBar, a Chinese repair store has recently shared some photos of a functional, turned on iPhone 7, which is a first. Now they have released a video showing how the phone works and how it takes pictures. The short clip can be found below and you can see that it doesn’t even measure 30 seconds long.

You can see that the person who recorded it opens the view finder on iPhone 7 and leans over his own MacBook and other objects found on his desk. According to the screen, the smartphone is running on Switch-Board. This is software used internally for testing, so it’s not available for the public.

Sadly, the clip is too short and blurry in order to have an exact idea about the camera and its improvements added to iPhone 7. Even so, this might be a confirmation that the design of the upcoming device will look just like in the previously leaked photos. And honestly, it’s not bad at all. It looks elegant, slim, with rounded edges and a certain style. But of course, this is not a surprise if we think about the previous models too.

According to previous information, but also rumors, the design will not include a headphone jack, but it will have dual speakers, a bigger rear camera and antenna bands on the back. We can still notice the classic home button on the front, but we don’t know if it’s flush and touch sensitive and you can’t really tell from the clip either.

Evan Blass, a famous leaker, said that you might even be able to pre-order your own iPhone 7 starting September 9, which is a week before the supposedly official release on September 16.

What is there to know about the newest powerful Apple smartphone? For now, nothing, but we will keep you updated with the latest leaks and information about it. Skip other rumors, we are here with the best researched and updated content.

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