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Install Custom ROM On Samsung Galaxy S6 With Rooting And Flashing Guide

Irrespective of what you think about the new Galaxy S6, there is one characteristic that can be barely disputed with – Samsung TouchWiz  UI is both streamlined and lighter than its previous versions.

Though, this does not mean that a custom ROM is not a feasible option for the device. On the contrary, a custom Android build generally assurances improved battery life and even batter performance, and let us be truthful here, the Galaxy S6 can surely advantage of a better battery stamina.


Regrettably, a problem ascends. Because of the fact that the new Galaxy S6 is derived with Exynos chipsets, development of custom ROMs is difficult. This does not mean that there are no custom ROMs available but the availability of custom firmware is noticeably lower than other device and we can only hope that this will change in near future.

As usual, if you are going to flash one of the custom ROMs you should be careful in doing so. Even though it is not much of a brainer, you just need to execute proper instructions and nothing will go wrong. So for the process let us start with rooting the device and after that, we will continue the introduction of some ROMs and will learn about the flashing procedure of the same.

Guide to root your Samsung Galaxy S6

When you are looking forward to cleaning up your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge you should consider it rooting. Rooting is a process of gaining administrative controls with the whole system access. This can allow you to uninstall all the bloat wares in place of just disabling it. You can also perform various system tweaks as well as UI tweaks with the rooted device. It will also free RAM and storage space. And the major benefit is custom ROMs. You can try many custom ROMs and benefit from the cool features they offer as well as you can truly harvest the full performance power.

So now let’s continue rooting procedure.

Step: 1 Download and install Samsung USB driver from here.

Step: 2 Navigate to About Phone in the main Settings menu, and note down your model number.


Step: 3 Navigate to AutoRoot Homepage and download CF-auto root for your model number.


Step: 4 Extract the zip file.


Step: 5 Right-click on the Odin exe and run it as an administrator.


Step: 6 Navigate to About Phone in the main Settings and tap 7 times on the build number. It will enable developer settings.

Step: 7 After that navigate to Developer Options and turn on USB debugging.


Step: 8 Connect your phone to PC via USB cable and let the drivers settle up.

Step: 9 Now, switch off your phone and switch it back on while holding power button + volume down + home button at the same time.

Step: 10 Click volume up button to continue.


Step: 11 Plug the USB cable again to connect it with your PC.


Step: 12 In the Odin main window, tap on AP and select the .tar.md5 file from the extracted CF-auto root folder and click start.


Step: 13 That’s it. Now let your device reboot and you will find the super su app in your app drawer. Now your phone is successfully rooted.


Best custom ROMs available for Samsung Galaxy S6 device.

  • CarHDROM

CarHDROM is made to be used on G925 F, I, T, K, S, L, W8 and G920 models. It is a very light weight ROM and therefore, you will feel the speed boost when you use it. This ROM features AROMA installer that will make the installation process very easy.  It is a pre-rooted ROM but, if you are flashing a custom ROM for the first time you need to root your device first. The ROM does not feature any bloatware and has the standard TouchWiz user interface. This ROM is based on the official firmware from Samsung and it is pretty much stable.

car1 car 3 car 2

CarHDROM offers advanced features like 5-way reboot, custom boot animations, and finger control, etc. They have made little changes like it is inverted and transparent, safe volume warnings are removed. And it is a deodexed ROM that makes a theme or hack installation or any other modifications easier to carry out. And it is a pretty decent ROM to try out.

Download: CarHDROM

·        Tyrannus ROM


The prominence with this ROM is performance, stability, and good battery life. The ROM doesn’t have any bloatware and the developers of this ROM are consistent with updates. This ROM offers Viper4android, Dolby Sound, and Volume Booster by default for increased sound quality. Your S6 will illustrate its batter music and camera multitasking performance, and multi-window is available for all the applications.



can schedule your messages or enable disable MMS finicality is you do not use it and benefit from batter battery life as per your usage and ROM settings in action.
Download: Tyrannus ROM


This is a much admired ROM, and for worthy reasons. It is originally developed while keeping G920I in mind but, it works well on almost all the devices.

Though it’s not a big withdrawal from TouchWiz, it is lightweight, low in instability, and very much smooth. Additional options include more Dialer options, message and keyboard tweaks, and you can still have your Fingerprint Scanner. Like many of the ROMs above-mentioned, Busybox and SuperSu are already installed for your convenience.


You will surely notice disabled scrolling cache, an enhancement in battery life, and the enabled Call Button in the Call Log List. If you are searching for a slenderer version of TouchWiz which comes with built-in fixes and more options, it is hard to not to fall in love with this beautifully developed ROM.

Download: XtreStoLite

Instructions to Flash Custom ROMs



  • Do backup your important data from your device.
  • Do not forget to enable USB debugging option.
  • Your device must be rooted and installed a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM.
  • Charge your device at least to 50%

Flashing Procedure

Step 1. First, save the ROM and the Gapps ZIP file to the external or the internal storage of your device. And I recommend you to always cross check and verify that you have downloaded the right version of the ROM and Gapps.

Step 2. After the ROM has been transferred, restart your Device into the recovery mode. To do this switch off the phone and turn it back on while holding the power button + volume up + home button. You can lose the keys when you see the TWRP icon.

Step 3: Once you restart your device in the recovery mode, you must first wipe the /data and /system partitions. To do this simply click on the Wipe button and then swipe right to perform a factory reset. And keep in mind that you should not use the format data option as that will erase your internal storage completely. To format only system partitions you can click on the advance wipe and then select the check boxes.

Step 4: Now, to install the ROM and Gapps on your phone by tapping on Install button in TWRP menu and then navigating to the zip file that you have transferred into to the device earlier and select that zip file. Then Swipe right to flash that zip file on your device. It may take a couple of minutes so don’t worry.

Step 5. After that finishes, restart your device by clicking on the Reboot system option. The first boot may take a long time so be patient.

Step 6. Once your device properly boots up, let it be idle for a couple of minutes.

Step 7.  This is it. This is a general flashing procedure not only for this device but all the android devices and all for all the available ROMs.

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