IFA 2016 Preview: What to Expect From Berlin

The Internationale Funkaustellung or the IFA is one of the largest consumer electronic events in the world. It is held alongside the Mobile World Congress and has been considered one of the main trade shows for gadgets and all things tech. Just like last year, this year’s IFA 2016 (Berlin) will be held in September, which means it is just around the corner.

Manufacturers and brands love to introduce new tech and gadgets on the event. There will be a lot of launched devices and prototypes displayed throughout the trade show. The show starts on September 2nd, with pre-event launch announcements usually made one or two days before the event open.


What Can We Expect From IFA 2016 Berlin ?


LG At IFA 2016

The new LG G5 was just launched not too long ago, but if the company is sticking to its usual schedule, we could be seeing a new V-series phone launched on the event. Last year’s IFA 2015 saw LG not making any big announcement because they scheduled the release of LG V10 in October. This year could be different.

It is also possible that LG will introduce another smartwatch to its customers. Smartwatch will still be one of the main themes of IFA 2016, which means a new version of the LG Urbane will definitely get some much needed attention.

Samsung At IFA 2016

We can’t really talk about any major tech event without talking about Samsung. The company is working hard to stay at the top of its game, releasing new, better smartphones at a stunning rate. This year’s IFA may be the platform Samsung is looking for to launch a couple of new tablets and phablets.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will definitely be the start of Samsung’s show. It is scheduled to be released on August 2nd, so the device will certainly be ready for the spotlight at the IFA 2016. We will also see a new Samsung Gear S3 and some updates on the Tizen OS. Add the new Gear VR to the mix and we have one busy show indeed.

Huawei At IFA 2016

Huawei will be the brand to watch at this year’s IFA 2016. The company has been making a lot of progress over the years and is now the third largest smartphone company in certain markets, selling millions of its devices and attracting a lot of attention. Huawei already surprised everyone at the 2015 IFA by announcing the Huawei Watch; I personally think it is still one of the best looking Android smartwatch on the market.

We can see a successor to that watch, dubbed the Huawei Watch 2. Expect the same round screen and thin profile along with some improvements. It would be interesting to see if Huawei can increase the battery life of its smartwatch and make the price better. There were reports that Huawei is ditching its smartwatch project due to the market decline, but a lot of fans remain hopeful.

Huawei has a September 1st event, right before the main IFA exhibition. We hope we will see a new Huawei Mate and Mate S being announced then. The Huawei Mate S2 in particular will be a must-watch, simply because Huawei surprised everyone with the Mate S last year; the Force Touch and 128GB of internal storage were great offers from the brand.

Sony At IFA 2016

Yes, you read the title correctly. Sony might be sticking to its two-flagship strategy this year. Recent leaks and reports suggest that the company has two devices in its vault, the F8331 and F8332. These could be the next Xperia X devices (possible Xperia X2) with different screen sizes.

There are also those who believe that these devices are in fact the Xperia Z6. This rumor, although rather unlikely, could be a sign that the Z line is coming back this year.

We also need to consider the fact that the Xperia X devices were launched this year during the MWC event. A replacement seems unlikely, so the two new devices could be Sony’s new takes on the mid-range market. Which of these rumors will turn out to be true? We just have to wait and see.

Speaking of Sony devices, don’t expect to see the PlayStation VR taking over the spotlight in September. Sony already scheduled a dedicated PlayStation event in December, so the PlayStation VR will most likely be announced there.

Xiaomi At IFA 2016

We’ve heard a lot about it. And it is official. Xiaomi will introduce its top-of-the-line phone, the new Xiaomi Mi Note 2, at the event. IFA 2016 will be a special event for Xiaomi and teasers have sparked interest for weeks now. Whether the new device is in fact the Mi Note 2 remains to be seen.

Other than the new phone, Xiaomi doesn’t appear to have a lot to offer. That said, the company has a very diverse product line-up, which means we will see a lot of the Mi Home products, and of course the Segway Mini (Xiaomi NineBot for Asian market).

Other Brands and Products At IFA 2016

Those are just some of the highlights of this year’s Internationale Funkaustellung. There are still a lot of other brands that will make announcements, introduce new products and have exciting presentations for us to enjoy.

Motorola & Lenovo, for example, may be displaying the new Phab 2 with its Project Tango capabilities. We could also see another update to the Moto 360 and Moto Sport. Now that Lenovo completely owns the Moto brand, it would be interesting to see what the company does with its products.

Asus will also be displaying different variants of the Zenfone 3. A possible ZenWatch 3 could also be announced here. NVIDIA, on the other hand, is set for the release of a new NVIDIA SHIELD tablet for mobile gamers.

Be sure to stay tuned right here on ObeyGeek since we will be covering the IFA 2016 as each update comes in. There will be plenty of exciting new developments throughout the event. This will certainly be a good one.

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