Icaros VR Flying Frame is Something We All Need

Icaros VR Flying Frame is Something We All Need

A startup company, Hyve, has taken the virtual reality to all new level by developing a VR Flying Frame. Well, this device is a perfect match for those who want to maintain their body fitness without going out or playing heavy games. The ICAROS is designed to simulate a flying experience, and at the same time, it also provides good muscle exercise.

You just need four things to get this amazing experience, the ICaros Frame, ICaros based games, VR Headset and a Smartphone. The ICaros Frame gets connected with VR Headset and the Smartphone to give a full flying experience to the user. Users need to get on the frame along with VR Headset on their eyes.

As of now, there are some simple movement games which are not so difficult to play but still, one would surely need time to get used to it. ICaros is simply a metallic frame with leg, hand and body holder, which moves in all the direction as per as game and user.

The VR Frame was originally announced in 2015, but it was unavailable until this year. As far as pricing is concerned, the VR Flying Frame can be bought by spending $8,000, which is again not an affordable but still, seeing the features, it’s worth trying.

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