Hydrogen One – The World’s First Holographic Display Smartphone
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Hydrogen One – The World’s First Holographic Display Smartphone

You’d have probably been heard of Red, for the efficient, professional cameras, they have manufactured so far. Now, the interesting thing is that they are gearing up to set foot in the smartphone industry, denouncing the Hydrogen One. For furthermore astonishment, this would be the first ever smartphone that will carry a holographic display screen.

The official announcement has also revealed the other key specs that the phone would carry. Consequently, the Hydrogen One will be featured with a 5.7-inch display screen, USB Type-C port, and an audio jack, in two different variants, made of either an Aluminum or Titanium chassis.

To evince further about the holographic display it carries, it is incorporated with an advanced nanotechnology, which will help in switching between 2D, 3D and holographic modes, effortlessly. Further, it will run on Android OS that subsumes the Red’s own H3O algorithm, which will convert regular stereo sound to multi-dimensional audio.

It is also said that the phone will bear a modular design, enabling it to use various Snap-On accessories for better photography and video recording. Hence, it would obviously be compatible with the well-known Red cameras, such as EPIC, Scarlet and Weapon.

Moreover, the announcement has also hinted the approximate prices on the phone, which will be expected to start shipping, by the first quarter of 2018. Accordingly, the Hydrogen One is priced starting from $1,195 for the Aluminum variant, while it is $1,595 for the Titanium variant. Though, they’ve stated that there might be changes in the said prices, we can be sure that it’ll be around the $1,200 price range.


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