Huawei’s EMUI 6 Could be launch with Android O Features

Huawei’s EMUI 6 Could be launch with Android O Features

We have already seen few beta updates of Android’s upcoming version, known only as Android O or Android 8, in our pixel devices. And it seems that all the custom UI makers have jumped to get the features of Android O in their UIs. And well, Huawei is one among companies, which has already started working with its EMUI.

As per as a Weibo user, Huawei’s CEO has officially said during a speech in China that the upcoming EMUI will have all the latest features of the upcoming Android O. Not only this, the post also states that the CEO also mentioned that the EMUI 6’s update will be given to all compatible Huawei handsets as well as Honor handsets.

Now, the claims seem true because we know that its EMUI 5.1 (current UI) has almost all the features of Android N so it won’t be surprising if the company is getting Android O’s features into their next EMUI update. Like Android O, which claims of providing much more fluent user experience, this EMUI 6 also claims of providing a similar experience.

Android O, which is believed to be launched in October month of the year has much more detailed notification panel with increased customization. In Android O, it is expected that Google will discontinue the sliding setting menu, which was originally introduced in Android N.

As of now, there is no news about which devices would get this update, however, experts believe that all those devices which are planned for Android O update would be getting this EMUI 6 update, like Honor 9 or Honor 8 Pro.


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