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Huawei To Start Releasing Smartwatches For Children: Designd With Cartoon Characters

If you own a smartwatch, why shouldn’t your kid have one. At least that’s what Huawei has been thinking. And the result was the manufacturing of the company’s first smartwatch models for children.

Huawei embarked on this project along with Disney (everybody knows what Disney is) and Marvel – the comic book publishing company – in order to create designs that are appealing to children. The Huawei smartwatches for children have four designs based on popular cartoon characters like Disney’s Minnie and Mickey Mouse and Marvel’s Frozen Four and Captain America.

The device features many impressive capabilities that make it less of a toy for children despite its appearance and more of a genuine smart device that uses WLAN, GPS, Compass and even has an acceleration sensor. The device is also meant to be used for communication and it features its own cloud service where all of the data and message records are stored for safe keeping. It can also be used for making calls.

Smartwatches For Children

The highlight of the Huawei Smartwatch for children is a unique Shake feature that cannot be found in the ‘adult’ smartwatches. This feature connects two smartwatches within a 10 meter radius and enables two kids to share info and data just by shaking their hands.

The smartwatches are very cheap, approximately $104 or 688 yuan but it’s not very clear when they will become available for purchase.

There are several other tech companies out there that manufacture smartwatches for children and some of those appear to be first and foremost efficient kid trackers.

For example, the Dokiwatch has a lot of the connectivity options that you would find and a smartphone, a SOS feature and it even has its own Tamagotchi style animal, named DokiPet. The hereO smartwatch features GPS tracking and it even has a panic feature. The VTech Kidizoom DX is another smartwatch, with similar attributes, but this one also has a camera that adds fun effects to pictures.

So most of these watches seem to cater to the idea that the children that are wearing them are easier to supervise and it makes their parents be more at ease when it comes to where their children are.

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