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Huawei P10 New Render Images,Video Leaked by Concept Creator

We all know that last year’s Huawei P9 was a real success, so there’s no doubt that we’re looking forward to the P10, a high end smartphone which already managed to create a lot of buzz, thanks to its rumored premium build and, of course, top notch specs!

The Chinese manufacturer announced that they’re planning to launch the Huawei P10 at this year’s Mobile World Congress, which is about 5 weeks away. However, despite coming across some leaked images, we’re not 100% sure about the way this smartphone will look.

In order to help enthusiasts make an idea about the design, Concept Creator posted a few images with a render, as well as  video, showing a Huawei P10 looking very similar to the leaked images from last week.

We can see that the handset has a very slim profile, while the back and the dual-curved display are symmetrical with their curves. However, the design doesn’t put so much accent on bezels, since the top and lower ones are relatively different when compared with the P9.

[huge_it_gallery id=”115″]

On the back though, there are some notable changes, as the panel is completely covered by glass. And yes, the dual camera setup is still there and we can notice that the LED flash is a bit different now, rocking a circular shape. Oh, and the laser focus module has been removed.

Finally, let’s not forget the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, which is definitely a surprise, since everybody was expecting the Huawei P10 to have it embedded in the physical home button. Hey, in the end, it’s just a matter of personal taste, since both positions are practical.

And if you were wondering about the 3.5mm audio jack, we have some good news: it’s still there, alongside the USB Type-C port and speaker grille!

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