Huawei P10 and P10 Plus Prices Leaked Along With 6GB RAM +128GB
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Huawei P10 and P10 Plus Prices Leaked Along With 6GB RAM +128GB

The Huawei P10 is one of the best flagship from Huawei, in the recent past; and have managed to receive many good reviews, until now. The P10 was initially announced at the MWC 2017, along with its bigger partner, P10 Plus and it has been about two weeks now, since the pre-orders were started for both the phones.

However, their prices weren’t clearly stated for so long; where the pre-orders only demanded a deposit of ¥999, from those who are interested to purchase, any of these phones.

Moreover, the pricing details will be exactly known, only when these devices go on sale, in the market officially, i.e. from March 24th onward. Yes, only one more day to go. Yet, a leaked image, on Weibo by an unknown source, has just revealed the price details of the devices, prior to their launch.

Huawei P10 and P10 Plus

According to that the P10 will come in three different models, such as 4GB + 32GB for ¥3488 ($506), 4GB + 64GB for ¥ 4088 ($594) and 6GB + 128GB for ¥ 4688 ($681). Whereas, the P10 Plus is priced at ¥ 4988($721) for 4GB + 64GB model and the 6GB + 128GB model is priced at ¥ 5688($826) respectively.

Previously, the company declared that the 6GB of RAM, will be available, only for the P10 Plus, during the official launch. But, it is now noted that the P10 will also feature the 6GB RAM, which is pretty much surprising. The prices of these two smartphones, seem to be too high, which nearly matches, closely to the price of iPhone.

Both the phones comes with the hyper diamond-cut finish, to protect them from scratches or smudges; and also available, in a lot of hues such as Gold, Rose Gold, Ceramic White, Graphic Black, Dazzling Blue, etc.


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