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Huawei Honor S1 Smartwatch New Leaks Reveal E-paper Display

Lately, the Web was invaded by leaked images with the upcoming Huawei Mate 9, but how many of you knew that the Chinese manufacturer is also expected to release a smartwatch soon? We’re talking about the Huawei Honor S1, a wearable with a circular display and, apparently, an e-paper display!

A new set of images with the smartwatch made the rounds online today, completely revealing its looks, the colours it will be available in, and a couple of features.

Huawei Honor S1

This Huawei Honor S1 wouldn’t be the first e-paper display smartwatch, as we’ve previously seen this at Pebble’s models. Basically, it’s a low-power panel, with great sunlight legibility and can run for days, compared to regular OLED displays, used in other smartwatches. Yes, it’s not able to show colours and not so complex, but hey, amazing battery life!

Huawei Honor S1

After analyzing the leaked images, we can tell that the smartwatch will have a heart rate sensor and rock and, most likely, rock an IP68 certification, being perfect for tracking your swimming routine. It doesn’t seem to have any buttons, so we’re presuming that it will come with a touchscreen, since there’s no sign of a rotating bezel either.

Finally, the operating system used by the Huawei Honor S1 remains a mystery as well. It doesn’t look like Android Wear, not Tizen, so the manufacturer might have opted for a custom solution from this point of view.

Even though it wasn’t officially unveiled, the Honor S1 is currently available for sale in Vmall for CNY 700, which roughly translates to $103, definitely a great price for a smartwatch with these features.

Keep an eye on our Site, as we will be back with more details (specs included) as soon as Huawei makes the official announcement!

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