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Huawei Honor Magic Concept Phone Image Leaked

According to the latest rumours, Chinese manufacturer Huawei is planning to hold a special event on December 16, where they will reveal the Honor Magic, a concept smartphone designed to compete with Xiaomi’s amazing Mi Mix. However, we’re expecting to see something even cooler….

This is not the first time when the Honor Magic is mentioned, as over the past few days, several sources were pointing to a Huawei-made smartphone, without a speaker or a built-in camera. Of course, everybody was surprised after hearing this, but the truth is that it will actually rely on a modular system, allowing users to add all sorts of things to the phone. Yes, Huawei wants to make what Google failed to do with Project Ara!

As for the phone’s actual design, a first image with it was spotted online and there’s no doubt that this is one beautiful phone. The Huawei Honor Magic will be pretty much a bezel-less display, hiding a fingerprint scanner on the bottom, just under the screen, as well as a front-facing camera on the top. Also, the screen is slightly curved on both sides, so this phone can become an example to follow in terms of display-to-body ratio.

If this image it’s showcasing the real deal, it can be said that it looks better than the Xiaomi Mi Mix, a device with pretty big top and bottom bezels, as the latter integrated the camera.

Otherwise, we don’t know anything about the Honor Magic’s specs, but we do hope that Huawei will load it with some impressive processing power, in order to match the stunning design. Otherwise, what’s the whole point of launching such an attractive phone, if it’s not powerful?

We will be back with more details as soon as this smartphone makes its official debut!

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