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Huawei Honor 5X Gets Android Marshmallow 6.0 And EMUI 4.0 Update (Only for U.S)

Huawei has launched its Honor 5x smartphone in  January 2016. The US Users of this phone is quiet happy today’s morning the reason behind it is they got new software update for that phone. They got Android Marshmallow 6.0  update along with EMUI 4.0.

Until today honor 5x is running on android 5.1. Now after seven months of marshmallow be launched the Huawei gave the update to the users. Huawei rolls out this software update along with two important items. Honor 5x got the latest version of android as well as latest  version of Huawei’s software.

Here are some feature after updating it with Marshmallow 6.0:

After updating the phone users can get assistance without having to leave app. User can do more more with his/her voice like he can play specific song by telling the phone. Phone automatically will go to deep sleep when the phone is not in use and the app is running it will increase the standby battery life. It provides you to get quickly into all the open apps and you can close all the apps at a single time.

Here are some more features from EMUI 4.0:

You can get new experience by customizing the order of icons on navigation bar. You can view or hide your important documents by drag top to down on right side. This new UI will make your device much easier  with one hand .you can simply swipe right to left or left to right to enjoy the one hand mode of the new UI.

Hope you will update Your honor 5x immediately and give me the reviews. I will be back with some more interesting update about honor 5x.

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