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HTC’s First Smartwatch Photo Spotted On Weibo

Over the past years, most important smartphone manufacturers released at least one smartwatch, transforming wearable into one of the hottest trends of the moment. However, there’s one company that still doesn’t have such a product in their portfolio. There have been tons of rumours about a potential HTC smartwatch, but until date, they haven’t materialised.

Still, things are about to change, as the first images with Halkbreak, the code-name HTC’s first smartwatch goes by, were spotted on Chinese social network Weibo.

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Of course, this is most likely a prototype, co-branded with Under Armour, but it’s the first proof that the Taiwanese manufacturer will finally join the wearable game.

At a first look, we can see a chunky device, with a sporty design and a rubber strap, but once again, this is definitely a prototype, used to test the functions. The final version of the HTC smartwatch might as well be very different, but maintain the sporty aspect, since Under Armour is a brand focused mostly on sports.

The main aspect making us believe that this isn’t the final version of the smartwatch is one image revealing that it’s actually running a dev-keys build of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, a two-year old version of the operating system. If it was the real deal, it should’ve been using Android Wear 2.0, based on Android Nougat, or at least a Marshmallow build.

Currently, there aren’t any other details about the HTC smartwatch, but if these images were finally spotted online, it definitely means that the manufacturer is working on something that could be unveiled in the near future. We estimate that this should happen somewhere in the first quarter of 2017, with HTC releasing their first smartwatch alongside their flagship for 2017, which would totally make sense, from several points of view.


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