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HTC’s U Ultra and U Play Pre-Order Start in UK, Available From March 1

HTC’s U Ultra and U Play Specs And Features were formally announced last month and now all you need to know about their price and official launching date. The latest news reveals that those handsets can be ‘pre-ordered’ from UK as of now. Besides that it will be available to the consumers from a few specified retail shoppers by March 1, this year, which was also clearly mentioned by the company.

The outstanding specs of U Ultra is extraordinary liquid surface design and there are many highlighting reasons that will lead you to buy this device. Apart from that suppliers/retailers have been put-on a list of details of the SIM-free U Ultra’s cost they prefer. You can get the device from HTC’s online store for £649; at Unlocked Mobiles for £614.98; at Clove for £620; and at Car-Phone Warehouse for £649.99, where they also offer a two year contract. In latter case, you will get it for free with a few plans that starts from £50.99 per month. Each retailer has provided dozens of options, so it is indispensable to observe all of them specifically before you make a final decision.


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However, HTC U Ultra will be available in four major colors including Black, White, Pink and Blue; but color option will depend on the retailer you choose to buy from. You may not get all these colors from every store.


HTC U Play also comes with SIM-free functionality and it is also of liquid surface design but there are many differences in their key-specs when comparing it with, U Ultra. You can get U Play at unlocked mobiles for £394.98, at clove for £394.99, at HTC’s online store for £399 and at Car-phone warehouse for £469.99; however, there will be some operator contracts same as that of U Ultra. It will also have a two year plans that start from £28 per month.

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The color options are same as that of U Ultra but keep in mind, all these colors together cannot be acquired from the above mentioned retailers at the same time.

As mentioned for U Ultra, double-check the conditions and strategies that the retailer grants you before getting into a final decision.

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