HTC U 11 Released Another Teaser Video, Squeeze the Brilliant U
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HTC U 11 Released Another Teaser Video, Squeeze the Brilliant U

Already, we have seen many leaks about the upcoming device U 11, from the HTC’s. Now, the company has confirmed that the flagship will be unveiled on May 16th, in Taiwan. And the sizzling hot news is, HTC has posted one more new, yet a short teaser video, presenting the smartphone.



Surprisingly, the video had shown the release date at the end, whereas the device’s new-age touch sensitivity option is teased, by implying shots of people squeezing many things like fruits, toys, burgers, etc. throughout the video.

Yes, it is needless to say that the phone will be equipped with touch sensitive edges, which will allow us to do squeeze its edges, to perform various actions like capturing pictures, and launching apps, as per our gestures.

In the video, the color of the device shown, is the same deep blue reflective tint, which we have already seen in their previous smartphone, the HTC U Ultra. The teaser video, ends with the caption ‘Squeeze the Brilliant U’, below which the release date, place and time are mentioned.

As per the past leaks, the HTC U 11 is likely to come in five different color variants such as White, Black, Red, Silver, and Blue. But have it in mind that, the color options are market specific; hence, we can’t expect all the colors to be available in all the markets.

Additionally according to the leaks, the HTC U 11 is believed to come with a 5.5-inch QHD display; to run on Snapdragon 835 chip; and would sport either 64GB or 128GB of expandable storage. In terms of camera capability, it features a 12MP rear camera and 16MP front-shooter. It is also said to come with Bluetooth 5.0 version, which is the latest version of the wireless standard.

The specs mentioned above are still rumors and will only be confirmed by the mid of this May, after the official launch of the HTC U 11. We have to wait for nearly 2-3 weeks, for this exciting and the trendy phone. So, don’t go anywhere, stay connected with us.


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