HTC U 11 with Edge Sense Feature Shown in an Early Teaser Video
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HTC U 11 with Edge Sense Feature Shown in an Early Teaser Video

HTC is all set to introduce their new flagship device HTC U 11. The company have already sent press invitations for the launch event, which is going to be held in Taipei on May 16th. This phone was initially spotted with the code name ‘HTC Ocean’, which brings a new concept from the HTC’s. Recently, a teaser video has been released, showing off the device’s highlighted feature, the touch-sensitive edges.

This feature will perform various functions, through the touch sense on the sides, based on our gestures. The video endeavours to present the new concept of technology, which have been used in it. Yet, there is no sign about the device’s name, in the video.

A promotional video was leaked already, regarding the HTC U 11’s Edge Sense, on September, last year. The video was really a treat for the audience, and showed that the new phone will not have physical buttons; rather it will be operated with touch sensors along with the edges. We can also give input for various actions such as adjusting volume, Google’s voice search and can even act as a camera key, with no button usage.

Whereas, the newly released teaser video includes, a script play act, to promote the U 11. In the play, it is shown that – a couple walks up to a restaurant, to eat. The man takes his U 11 and presses on the edges, by then it shows, what it looks to be a quick-launch menu, which opens within the launcher.

He scrolls down for the Yelp app, in the quick launcher and decides to eat at some other restaurant. Then the girl asks for the phone and she accesses the camera from the same menu. They take a selfie together and both proceeds to find the other restaurant from the app.

Both the videos were released for promotional purposes for the upcoming phone. These videos show, what we can potentially expect from the HTC U 11. But to be honest, the previously leaked video was a better one, comparatively, as it presented the feature, in a much clearer manner.


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