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HTC Sailfish Specs, Features Leaked On GFXBench

You’ve probably heard the rumors about the two upcoming Nexus devices manufactured by HTC that will be used to showcase the Android 7.0 Nougat OS. The two devices are code named after spear-snouted fish – Marlin and Sailfish – and they will be launched along with Android N which is scheduled for release in the month of August or September.

Recently, GadgetOx spotted a listing on GFXBench that features the specs for one of these two devices. Apparently, the Sailfish, which is the smaller Nexus device, will sport a 5 inch Full HD screen and 4 GB of RAM with 32 GB of native storage space. It may also be powered by a Snapdragon 820 processor and it even has either an odd 11 MP camera, or a normal 12 MP one.

These specs seem to confirm what was already rumored about the Sailfish, but we should also keep in mind that the Benchmarks can be faked or can be real and inaccurate. The latter case applied to the Benchmarks for the OnePlus 3 Mini which were proven to be inaccurate.

Other rumored specs that were not seen in the Benchmarks for the supposed Sailfish Nexus device mention a fingerprint reader positioned on the rear side and an 8 MP front side camera along with the 12 MP back side one. In terms of battery, it’s presumed to sport an unimpressive 2.770 mAh battery – but that is expected because it is believed to be smaller than the Nexus Marlin.

Lastly, other rumors on the subject place the HTC Nexus Smartphone launch on the 4th of October because that’s the month when Nexus devices are usually launched. But this is actually a little strange because the upcoming Android Nougat OS will supposedly be released sometime this month or in September. In fact, there are some other smartphone releases from other companies scheduled for the months of August and September that are presumed to run on Android Nougat.

At the moment, Android Nougat is only available as a preview for developers who are supposed to check the OS for bugs and various issues. The developers are also expected to make apps for the upcoming OS or to make changes to the existing ones so they could be supported by Android Nougat.

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