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HTC Ocean Note To Lose The Headphone Jack, Feature Curved Screen And More

Several weeks ago, the first set of leaks on a new HTC design started to make the rumour waves and one of the units were code-named Ocean. Then, that was the only thing that we knew about it but right now, thanks to a leak from a Taiwanese source, we have a whole catalogue of information on the device as of right now.

First things first, the unit would be named HTC Ocean Note instead and while there is no clear data on the screen size, we got to know that it would be somewhere between 5.5 inches and 5.7 inches.

As far as the renders go, there are no physical keys on the front of the unit. This is not the only missing piece of material on the total hardware, and we would have to do without the headphone jack on this module also. This makes it the second time HTC would go this way, the first time being with the HTC Evo (which is known to Sprint subscribers as HTC Bolt instead)

According to the leak, the Ocean Note from HTC is also set to pack a whole lot of premium features, the first and the most noticeable being the curved screen display a la Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This feature is not expected to be the only key selling point with the camera having been touted as something to look forward to.

Sadly, that is what we would be doing – looking forward – since the leak doesn’t provide more information on the cameras on board. To round off the interesting things that we have been treated to, users would be able to pick up their own units of the HTC Ocean Note in three different colour variants at launch.

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